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Possible cover of Wilber Pan shirtless? A variety of knowledge would be talking about Wilber Pan, who could possibly be on a cover of a well-known magazine, but for now almost everything can be a rumor.  Digital media claim to have seen different videos of Wilber Pan shirtless. So far, Wilber Pan has not said anything, but his words won't leave anyone indifferent.  Many singers choose to appear without shirts in certain publications in order to improve their albums' sales.  

Many celebrities choose to go out without having a shirt in sports publications in an effort to show their progress and motivate a lot of folks to do the same.  Sometimes celebrities do not know the danger they run when taking pictures on their mobile phones without shirts, as they are easy targets for hackers.  A couple of years ago, some pictures without shirts of a few celebrities were stolen from their mobile phones, which caused wonderful controversy.  


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