Does Lea Thompson Smoke?


Does Lea Thompson Smoke? -
In the 50s and 60s was practically mandatory that all actors smoke in movies, is right now no longer the case, so we have no answer on whether Does Lea Thompson Smoke? now. Celebrities are creators of fashions and trends but they certainly have their vices, just like the rest in the world. The only difference is that there can be millions of eyes that look at them daily.  Celebrities are no exception and they also smoke, though they usually stay away from going out in the media smoking because of the unfavorable effect it could have on their careers.  

A recent study indicates that pollution affects smokers a lot more negatively.  Only 45 million people out of a total of almost 700 million smokers in the United states, so it is a habit that may have declined in recognition in recent decades. From actresses to fit super popular singers, the excellent majority have been caught with a cigarette in his hand. 


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