Aaron Lazar smoking

Aaron Lazar smoking? Various rumors that circulate through the world wide web say that it would be true, but so far nothing has been confirmed.  Many media and heart magazines have claimed that Aaron Lazar smoking. However it seems that they were just lies and rumors, since he has generally denied it.  The fans of Aaron Lazar fear that he will smoke because of the negative impact it would have on his well being. Having said that, nothing has been confirmed, since nobody has never ever seen images of Aaron Lazar with a pack of cigarettes, or holding a cigarette, so you should be calm.  

It seems that cigar culture in fashion is no longer as vital because it was before.  It seems that smoking is not so fashionable, considering that many models have been criticized for uploading photographs to their social networks even though posing with cigarettes in a sensual way.  After the prohibition to show images on television of people smoking, the sale of tobacco in Spain has fallen by up to 60%.  

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